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    UCT RadioЮжно-АфриканскаяСтудентCape Town University radioРегионарноДженерал uct radio cape townEcoutezuct radio cape townEcoutez uct radio cape town
    M 94.5ГерманияСтудентРегионарноДженерал m 945Ecoutez m 945Ecoutezm 945Ecoutez m 945
    Campus FMГерманияСтудентРегионарноДженерал campus fm germanyEcoutez campus fm germanyEcoutezcampus fm germanyEcoutez campus fm germany
    CT das RadioГерманияСтудентCT the radio is the radio station of the Bochum universities. Can be heared on 90.0 MHz. Its program mainly to students of the Bochum universities and to interested ones from the region. The daily program consists of two magazine programs.РегионарноДженералhttp://www.radioct.deEcoutez ct das radioEcoutezct das radioEcoutez ct das radio
    Uni FM 88.4ГерманияСтудентuniCROSS - the media platform of students of the University of Freiburg. uniCROSS provides information on campus, university and student life topicsРегионарноДженерал echo fm freiburgEcoutez echo fm freiburgEcoutezecho fm freiburgEcoutez echo fm freiburg
    EldoradioГерманияСтудентРегионарнорок eldoradio germanyEcoutez eldoradio germanyEcoutezeldoradio germanyEcoutez eldoradio germany
    Hertz 87.9ГерманияСтудентCampus radio for Bielefeld - by students for students! Current information about studying and living, music and service. In the network and on VHF 87.9РегионарноДженералhttp://www.radiohertz.deEcoutez hertz 879Ecoutez hertz 879Ecoutez hertz 879Ecoutezhertz 879Ecoutez hertz 879
    Hochschulradio AachenГерманияСтудентHochschulradio Aachen is the joint radio station of the Aachen universities. Radio from students for students! Complete with education and training! In Aachen on 99.1 MHz.РегионарноДженерал hochschulradio aachenEcoutezhochschulradio aachenEcoutez hochschulradio aachen
    Radio AktivГерманияСтудентРегионарноДженерал radio aktiv mannheimEcoutezradio aktiv mannheimEcoutez radio aktiv mannheim
    Radio QГерманияСтудентРегионарноДженерал radio q munsterEcoutez radio q munsterEcoutezradio q munsterEcoutez radio q munster
    Radio TriquencyГерманияСтудентРегионарноДженерал radio triquencyEcoutezradio triquencyEcoutez radio triquency
    Radio Universidad UN CUYOАргентинаСтудентРегионарноДженерал radio universidad un cuyoEcoutezradio universidad un cuyoEcoutez radio universidad un cuyo
    Radio Universidad Nacional de San LuisАргентинаСтудентРегионарноДженерал radio universidad nacional de san luisEcoutezradio universidad nacional de san luisEcoutez radio universidad nacional de san luis
    Campus Radio 94.4АвстрияСтудентCampus & City Radio 94.4 is the training radio of the University of Applied Sciences and a free radio in the city of St. Pölten, non-commercial, non-partisan and inclusive. The program is diverse and includes information, service, opinion as well as entertainment. The focus is generally on local initiatives, - activities, - news, social, politics, culture, art, music and culture.Регионарноразличноhttp://www.campusradio.atEcoutez campus radio 94 4Ecoutez campus radio 94 4Ecoutezcampus radio 94 4Ecoutez campus radio 94 4
    Radio Campus BruxellesБельгияСтудентRadio du Campus de Bruxelles, musique et vie associativeРегионарноразлично Radio Campus BruxellesEcoutezRadio Campus BruxellesEcoutez Radio Campus Bruxelles
    RUN Radio Universitaire NamuroiseБельгияСтудентLa Radio Universitaire Namuroise (RUN) est une radio associative, d'expression à vocation culturelle et d'éducation permanente, reconnue comme telle par la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles.РегионарноДженерал run 88 1Ecoutez run 88 1Ecoutezrun 88 1Ecoutez run 88 1
    eFM StudentskiБо́сния и Герцегови́наСтудентРегионарноразлично efm studentskiEcoutez efm studentskiEcoutezefm studentskiEcoutez efm studentski
    Radio Universitaria 107.5 FMБразилияСтудентРегионарноРазнообразиеhttp://www.rtu.ufu.brEcoutez radio universitaria 1075 fmEcoutez radio universitaria 1075 fmEcoutezradio universitaria 1075 fmEcoutez radio universitaria 1075 fm
    Radio USP Università  de Sao PauloБразилияСтудентUSP Radio São Paulo proposes musical, culture and variety programs. It maintains a journalistic program focused on the dissemination of the University's activities. Music programming offers the best of all rhythms in the Brazilian music scene, from MPB to rock, jazz to samba and instrumental music. It also broadcasts classical music and traditional music from various regions of the country.РегионарноДженерал radio usp universita de sao pauloEcoutez radio usp universita de sao pauloEcoutezradio usp universita de sao pauloEcoutez radio usp universita de sao paulo
    Radio UchileЧилиСтудентРегионарноДженерал radio uchileEcoutezradio uchileEcoutez radio uchile
    Radio Universidad de ConcepçionЧилиСтудентRadio UdeC broadcasts in the province of Concepcion on 95.1 FM. Founded in 1959, and belonging to the University of Concepicón, it is oriented to spread the university work, culture, art, with emphasis on select music.РегионарноДженерал radio universidad de concepcionEcoutezradio universidad de concepcion
    Radio UVM 96.3ЧилиСтудентUniversidad Vina del MarРегионарноразлично radio uvm 963
    HJUT Universidad de Bogota JT LozanoКолумбияСтудентStation mainly dedicated to the dissemination of classical music with a program. Also includes the best of world music, jazz, Colombian music and interpreters, boleros and salsa. With programs for educational purposes.Регионарноразлично hjut universidad bogotaEcoutez hjut universidad bogotaEcoutezhjut universidad bogotaEcoutez hjut universidad bogota
    Emisora Oyeme UJTLКолумбияСтудентРегионарноДженерал emisora oyeme ujtl
    LAUD 90.4КолумбияСтудентLAUD 90.4 FM ESTEREO Universidad Distrital Francisco José de Caldas РегионарноДженерал laud 904 colombiaEcoutez laud 904 colombiaEcoutezlaud 904 colombiaEcoutez laud 904 colombia
    Javeriana Estereo CaliКолумбияСтудентFounded in 1992, Javeriana Estéreo Cali, has a varied program for all audiences, located in the building of the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana.РегионарноДженерал javeriana estereo caliEcoutez javeriana estereo caliEcoutezjaveriana estereo cali
    UN Radio BogotaКолумбияСтудентРегионарноДженерал un radio bogotaEcoutezun radio bogotaEcoutez un radio bogota
    UN Radio MedellinКолумбияСтудентРегионарноДженерал un radio medellinEcoutezun radio medellinEcoutez un radio medellin
    un radio webКолумбияСтудентинтернет толькоДженерал un radio webEcoutezun radio webEcoutez un radio web
    Radio BolivarianaКолумбияСтудентРегионарноДженералEcoutez radio bolivariana medellin
    Radio Universidad de Costa RicaКоста-РикаСтудентРегионарноДженерал radio universidad de costa rica
    Atlantique FMКот-д ИвуарСтудентLa radio de l'Université de l'Atlantique 107.2 FMРегионарноразлично atlantique fm abidjanEcoutez atlantique fm abidjanEcoutezatlantique fm abidjanEcoutez atlantique fm abidjan
    Atlantique FM - 107.2 AbidjanКот-д ИвуарСтудентPremière radio universitaire de Côte d’Ivoire, Atlantique FM est une radio école en partenariat avec la Radio Nationale d’Espagne (RNE). Elle a été créée pour permettre aux étudiants de se former à la pratique de l’audio-visuel. Émettant sur 107.2 MHz, elle couvre tout le district d’Abidjan et sa banlieueРегионарноразличноhttp://www.uatlantique.orgEcoutez Atlantique FM 107 2 AbidjanEcoutez Atlantique FM 107 2 AbidjanEcoutez Atlantique FM 107 2 Abidjan
    Campus FM ToulouseФранцияСтудентCampus FM Toulouse est une radio libre et associative. Elle émet sur 94 MHZ FM depuis le campus de l’université Paul Sabatier.Toulouseразлично Campus FM ToulouseEcoutez Campus FM Toulouse
    Radio Campus BordeauxФранцияСтудентRadio campus de Bordeaux, sur 88.1 FM, radio associative inter-universitaire diffusant un programme généraliste sur l'ensemble de l'agglomération bordelaise.BordeauxДженерал Radio Campus BordeauxEcoutezRadio Campus BordeauxEcoutez Radio Campus Bordeaux
    Radio Campus GrenobleФранцияСтудентRadio Campus Grenoble est une radio associative et étudiante qui existe depuis 1993, rattachée à la fédération RADIO CAMPUS FRANCE.GrenobleДженерал Radio Campus GrenobleEcoutez Radio Campus GrenobleEcoutezRadio Campus GrenobleEcoutez Radio Campus Grenoble
    Radio Campus LilleФранцияСтудентRadio Campus Lille a une programmation très diversifiée, allant du hip-hop au black metal en passant par de nombreux artistes de chanson française, pour la plupart signés sur des labels indépendants. La radio demeure un reflet des préoccupations étudiantes, culturelles et associatives locales.Lilleразлично Radio Campus LilleEcoutezRadio Campus LilleEcoutez Radio Campus Lille
    Radio Campus ParisФранцияСтудентRadio Campus Paris est la radio associative et locale des étudiants et des jeunes franciliens. Pointue en musique et passionnée en paroles, elle s'intéresse à tout, à l'image des esprits curieux et indépendants.ParisДженерал Radio Campus ParisEcoutez Radio Campus ParisEcoutezRadio Campus ParisEcoutez Radio Campus Paris
    Radio CollègeФранцияСтудентRadio associative du collège d'Aytré près de la Rochelle, Radio Collège émet sur 95.9 FM.La RochelleКультура и информацияhttp://www.radiocollege.frEcoutez Radio CollegeEcoutez Radio CollegeEcoutezRadio CollegeEcoutez Radio College
    EvryOneФранцияСтудентRadio étudiante d'EvryEvryДженералhttp://www.evryone.comEcoutez EvryOneEcoutezEvryOneEcoutez EvryOne
    Cartables FMФранцияСтудентRadio locale associative du Mans, animée par des collégiensРегионарноДругое
    Radio Campus MontpellierФранцияСтудентRadio Campus Montpellier 102.2 FM. Culture, vie étudiante, actu locale, musique indé.Регионарноразлично Radio Campus MontpellierEcoutez Radio Campus MontpellierEcoutezRadio Campus Montpellier
    Radio Campus 3ФранцияСтудентRadio Campus3 est une radio associative étudiante de proximité. Engagée dans la vie locale, et la communication sociale, elle propose de l'’informationaxée essentiellement autour de la vie étudiante, associative, culturelle, musicale et sportive.РегионарноДженерал Radio Campus TroyesEcoutez Radio Campus Troyes
    Radio C-LabФранцияСтудентC-lab, prononcer "silab". Radio indépendante et alternative rennaise sur 88.4 FM. Radio associative, interuniversitaire, proposant des émissions musicales (hip-hop, soul, reggae, rock, électro), thématiques (cinéma, sport, jeux vidéos) ou quotidiennes (actualité locale, agenda, bons plans sorties).Регионарноразличноhttps://www.c-lab.frEcoutez Radio C-LabEcoutez Radio C-Lab
    Radio Kampus ITB 107.7ИндонезияСтудентРегионарноДругоеhttp://www.radiokampusitb.comEcoutez radio kampus itbEcoutezradio kampus itbEcoutez radio kampus itb
    Radio ZammùИталияСтудентUniversity of CataniaРегионарноДженерал radio zammuEcoutez radio zammuEcoutezradio zammuEcoutez radio zammu
    Radio NabaЛатвияСтудентнациональнорок radio naba latviaEcoutezradio naba latviaEcoutez radio naba latvia
    Campus FM MaltaМальтаСтудентнациональноДженерал FM MaltaEcoutez Campus FM Malta
    Radio Campus AgadirМароккоСтудентинтернет толькоДругое radio campus agadir
    Radio UNAMМексикаСтудентUniversidad Nacional Autonoma de MexicoРегионарноклассицистическо radio unam mexicoEcoutez radio unam mexicoEcoutezradio unam mexicoEcoutez radio unam mexico
    Radio Universidad de ChihuahuaМексикаСтудентRadio station of the Autonomous University of Chihuahua, with the promotion of programs where university values and quality of life are the main objective.РегионарноДженерал radio universidad de chihuahuaEcoutez radio universidad de chihuahuaEcoutezradio universidad de chihuahuaEcoutez radio universidad de chihuahua
    Radio ZakПольшаСтудентРегионарноДженерал radio zak studentEcoutezradio zak studentEcoutez radio zak student
    Radio AferaПольшаСтудентalternative rock student radio from PoznanРегионарнорок radio afera poznanEcoutezradio afera poznanEcoutez radio afera poznan
    Radio AkaderaПольшаСтудентРегионарноДженерал radio akadera polandEcoutezradio akadera polandEcoutez radio akadera poland
    Radio Kampus 97.1ПольшаСтудентРегионарноДженерал radio kampus warsawEcoutez radio kampus warsawEcoutezradio kampus warsawEcoutez radio kampus warsaw
    Radio ZeroПортугалияСтудентРегионарноДженералEcoutez radio zero portugalEcoutez radio zero portugalEcoutez radio zero portugal
    Radio SalusРуандаСтудентRadio Salus is the University of Rwanda radio station, covering about 85% of the whole countryнациональноДругое radio salus rwandaEcoutez radio salus rwandaEcoutezradio salus rwandaEcoutez radio salus rwanda
    Radio StudentСловенияСтудентРегионарноДженерал radio student sloveniaEcoutezradio student sloveniaEcoutez radio student slovenia
    Radio MarsСловенияСтудент"An independent radio with alternative music and one that critically defines society. A space that cares for openness and purity of thought, and for the cultivated experience and intellectual hardening of media youth."РегионарноДженерал radio mars sloveniaEcoutez radio mars sloveniaEcoutezradio mars sloveniaEcoutez radio mars slovenia
    Radio AFШвецияСтудентRadio AF in Lund is Sweden's and Scandinavia's largest student radio station. Broadcast since 1982, then under the name Radio LSAF (Lund Student Union Academic Association). Radio AF is a committee within the Academic Association and is aimed at Lund University students.РегионарноДженерал radio af swedenEcoutez radio af swedenEcoutezradio af swedenEcoutez radio af sweden
    Radio Campus OrebroШвецияСтудентStudent radioРегионарноразлично radio campus orebroEcoutezradio campus orebroEcoutez radio campus orebro
    Studentradion 98.9ШвецияСтудентStudent radioРегионарноразлично studentradion 98 9Ecoutezstudentradion 98 9Ecoutez studentradion 98 9
    PiteFMШвецияСтудентStudent radio in Piteå, by and with the students at LTU Campus Piteå.Регионарноразлично pitefm swedenEcoutezpitefm swedenEcoutez pitefm sweden
    K103 GoteborgШвецияСтудентK103 is the radio station for Gothenburg students. Here you can hear a mix of the music we love, the subjects that touch and everything that happens in GothenburgРегионарноДженерал k103 goteborgEcoutez k103 goteborgEcoutezk103 goteborg
    Fréquence BananeШвейцарияСтудентRadio étudiante de Genève et de Lausanne, francophone. Son but est de transmettre des informations relatives à la vie des campus ainsi que des informations générales, offrir des programmes de divertissement sur des thématiques diverses, et bien sur de la musique.Регионарноразличноhttp://www.frequencebanane.chEcoutez Frequence BananeEcoutez Frequence BananeEcoutezFrequence BananeEcoutez Frequence Banane
    BAU RadyoТурцияСтудентРегионарнорок bau radyo istanbulEcoutez bau radyo istanbulEcoutezbau radyo istanbulEcoutez bau radyo istanbul
    TNTUУкраинаСтудентTernopil' university radioРегионарноРазнообразие (3)Ecoutez tntuEcouteztntuEcoutez tntu
    TNTU MetalУкраинаСтудентTernopil' university radio интернет толькорок TNTUEcoutez tntu metalEcouteztntu metalEcoutez tntu metal
    TNTU JazzУкраинаСтудентTernopil' university radio интернет толькоДжаз и окружающая TNTUEcoutez tntu jazz
    Radio UMA Universidad MonteavilaВенесуэлаСтудентРегионарноДженерал radio uma universidad monteavilaEcoutezradio uma universidad monteavilaEcoutez radio uma universidad monteavila

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